Grab Bag Weakness
Monday, October 24, 2005
I've recently come to terms with the fact that I have a soft-spot for exchanging my money for unknown items. Any time I see a deal that involves a company sending me a container of items that they claim to be valuable, but do not disclose the exact contents, I want.

I don't think I've made many purchases of this nature, but I'm always intrigued by the idea. It's as if I'm giving myself a gift; I can't wait to get it home and open it up to find out what goodies await. Obviously, I have to trust the company enough to know that I won't be receiving a case of Billy Ray Cyrus tapes and shampoo samples.

The latest grab bag I ordered was JR Cigars' Trick or Treat special. This is the marketing that sold me:
For $39.95, you're gonna get a bunch of good cigars and other goodies. The size of your box and the stuff you receive is dependent strictly on chance.
I trust JR Cigars. They sell cigars at good prices, and I've gotten some incredible deals from them. So I placed my order knowing I would get some great cigars at a good value. The other stuff they would throw in just added to the fun. They didn't let me down.

Now just because I know you're dying to find out what was in the box:
  • A bunch of cigars
  • Humidifying cards
  • Humidifying device
  • Canvasy jacket with the Montecristo logo embroidered on the breast
  • Montecristo fitted hat
  • Deodorant sample
  • Cheap cigar cutter
I was satisfied with the deal when I pulled out the huge bag of cigars. I was happy when I saw they threw in a really nice hat. I was confused when I pulled out the deodorant sample... but I was elated when I tugged on the fabric at the bottom of the box and pulled out an entire jacket.

Yes, I used the word, "elated". The jacket is mostly cotton, but it's got a very rugged canvasy feel. The collar is leather, with more cow-skin around the wrists. The package was easily worth $40.

If you're a cigar smoker who's never shopped at, I highly recommend it. You'll find their prices extremely reasonable. Maybe you'll even get a jacket some day. If you're lucky.


Blogger stefani said...

whoa thanks. im still learning how to log on, haha.

10/26/2005 1:54 AM  
Blogger the mom said...

yeah, and i just got him to take the "mystery gift" he got in high school from my attic

10/30/2005 9:24 PM  

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