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Monday, October 31, 2005
I know my readerbase is composed only of the most observant members of society, so I'm merely commenting on old news. I've recently added links to two blogs I enjoy. I've added links to two tu-tus too.

The first one, "Spiritually Lonely", is written by someone I personally know, under the pseudonym "musing". They're mainly authoring the blog under a pen-name because they have seen first-hand the devastating effects of overwhelming blog-induced fame in my life. This new blog deals with the experiences of a "spiritually and intellectually lonely" Christian and the dichotomy of the church and the Church. Unravel your own theological musings here.

The second blog I recommend is "Cul de Sac Blues", by Guy Wonders. I don't know if this is Guy's real name or not. If it is his name, his parents came up with a really clever name; if it's not, someone else came up with a really clever name. Guy's prose is a witty and well-written account of the happenings in "the Sack", a Canadian cul de sac filled with ordinary but interesting people. Many cul de sac events and characters are described. One recurring topic concerns a fated house that burned down early in the blog's life which Guy has appropriately dubbed "Burning Manor". Find Burning Manor and the rest of the CDSB crew here.

Also, for those of you that got your hopes up about tu-tu content, I give you this.


Blogger Guy Wonders said...

Clint, thank you for your very kind review. It happened on the same day they tore Burning Manor down. Two great things in one day!

It is my pleasure to name you as an honourary Doug. You are now the fifth Doug. It's somewhat like being the fifth Beatle, only better.


10/31/2005 5:47 PM  
Blogger musing said...

Thanks Clint ... or is it Doug ... no matter, I appreciate your recommendation. Now that my blog has been exposed to the countless numbers of readers that peruse your pages, I'm hoping that I'll have the same stoic and down-to-earth response to fame that you have had. Cheers!

10/31/2005 10:02 PM  

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