Daredevil Memorial
Monday, November 28, 2005
While driving home today, I took notice of a highway standard: the roadside floral arrangement. I mean no offense to the people that place these, but I really have to acknowledge their bravery and/or stupidity.

I am not comfortable standing within ten feet of a large concrete path intended to provide a flat surface on which to roll half-ton metal machines filled with combustible fuel at breakneck speeds. Yes, that's one sentence.

The people that place these roadside floral arrangements are not only willing to park their expensive half-ton metal machine on the side of the road and get out, but to do this in a location with a history of being an innoportune exit. If I were the ghost of someone they were remembering, I'd probably be shaking my head and wincing while they were standing out there.

If I do ever happen to leave this mortal coil near a highway, please place any flowers on your table, porch, or garden instead. There's less chance that you will be crushed in those locations and I will be just as happy.


Blogger the mom said...

i totally agree! i've never understood why anyone would want to put flowers at a place someone was killed. why would you want to commemorate a location that took the life of someone you love. don't worry son, you're going to live forever.

11/29/2005 7:53 AM  

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